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TM-9-6115-672-14 GENERATOR SET SKID MOUNTED TACTICAL QUIET 60KW, 50/60 AND 400 HZ, MEP-806B (50/60 HZ) (NSN 6115-01-462-0291) EIC: GGW, MEP-816B (400 HZ) (NSN 6115-01-462-0292) EIC: GGX (237)
TM-9-6115-672-24P GENERATOR SET, SKID MOUNTED, TACTICAL QUIET 60 KW, 50/60 AND 400 HZ MEP-806B (50/60 HZ) (NSN 6115-01-462-0291) (EIC: GGW) MEP-816B (400 HZ) (NSN 6115-01-462-0292 (EIC: GGX) (236)